Member of Arsano Medical Group
Uganuće gležnja spada u najčešće ozljede sustava za kretanje. Sportska aktivnost, neravna podloga, stepenica ili dizanje tereta uzrok su krivog pokreta prilikom kojeg se stopalo obično uvrne prema unutra. Zbog istezanja vanjske strane gležnja dolazi do jakih bolova i oticanja, a ...
Hallux valgus (bunion)
Hallux rigidus (painful big toe, with a limited scope of mobility)
The foot is a special part of our body. From being an organ for catching and communication
The patients will get all the necessary information about the required
When the foot deformity changes your way of life or prevents you from doing
After examination and conducting the necessary diagnostic tests, patients who have the indication for surgical treatment
Zajednička karakteristika bila bi velika zabrinutost roditelja za stopala svoje djece i potpuno zanemarivanje odraslih prema vlastitim stopalima.

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