Member of Arsano Medical Group

Boris Nemec

MD-PhD - orthopaedic surgeon

<b>Boris Nemec</b>

Internationally renown specialist orthopaedic surgeon in knee joint surgery, with huge experience in treating knee ligament injuries, in knee and hip endoprosthetic operations, in cartilage transplantation and in treating sport injuries (official physician of the Croatian National Football Team).


Damir Štifanić

MD-PhD - anaesthesiologist
An anaesthesiologist with a top-level education, longstanding experience and knowledge of all types of anaesthesia in the field of orthopaedics and general surgery....

Domagoj Perković

MD - orthopaedic surgeon
An internationally educated orthopaedic surgeon with sub-speciality of foot and ankle surgery and hip endoprosthesis. He is an official sports physician of Youth Football Club Rije...

Tomislav Anić

MD - orthopaedic surgeon
A specialist in the knee and shoulder surgery, arthroscopy, ligament and tendon reconstruction and insertion of knee endoprosthesis. ...

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