What needs to be brought to hospital

What needs to be brought to hospital

When admitted to hospital, the patient needs to bring all the findings (originals, not copies) of the required laboratory tests and other examinations and the X-RAY, CT, MR results and X-rays as is stated in the documents for downloading (Patient’s Notification of the Preoperative Procedure).

If the patient is taking any drugs, he/she has to bring them, not to disrupt the continuity of the treatment. Depending on the type of surgery, in consultation with the surgeon, the patient might need some orthopaedic aids (crutches, Orthoses). In addition, it is necessary to bring personal hygiene care supplies, pyjamas/nightgowns, underwear, a bathrobe, a training suit, slippers which can be easily put on or other loose fitting shoes for walking during recovery.

The patient needs to bring personal documents (ID-card or passport). It is recommended not to bring any jewellery or other valuable objects. If the patient wears glasses, hearing aids, dentures or contact lenses, he/she must bring the cases for keeping the listed supplies. Bringing food to the hospital is prohibited, with the exception of specific diet meals prescribed by a doctor.

Patients who come to the ambulatory hospital (arthroscopies, minor surgeries) are recommended to leave all jewellery at home and not to bring any unnecessary clothes (except spare underwear), because when leaving the operating room, they will wear the clothes they came in.

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