What does a person with pain in the foot need to know?

What does a person with pain in the foot need to know?

 Does a foot have to be painful?

The foot is a special part of our body.
From being an organ for catching and communication, it became an organ for body weight transfer and movement.
It has still kept the importance of our communication with the environment, which today’s urban man neglects and is unaware.
Still, when even the smallest problem appears, the full delicacy of the foot becomes evident, through our reaction, as well as through the extent of the resulting problems.

Nowadays, people should not suffer from the painful feet or the pain in remote parts of the body caused by foot deformities. To cure sore foot, it often requires only changing the biomechanical relations between the bones and joints of the foot. With such procedures, we eliminate the excessive concentration of pressure from the smaller surfaces of the foot, which are actually painful due to too much pressure. The relations between the joints or functional connected joint complexes need to be adjusted as to correct the disorderly body weight transfer and to prevent excessive exertion, fatigue and finally the pain in the foot and distant locations.

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